Which is the best VPS hosting provider of 2020

Which is the best VPS hosting provider of 2020


When you want to create a website, one of the first things to hire is a hosting service, i.e. hosting a server so that we can store our site there. And that is, the cloud, despite what many think, is a physical place, in data centres. Well, when choosing the right hosting we come across many different companies that provide this service, and a good number of different types of web hosting.

Best VPS Hosting Providers in 2022

The term “VPS” (virtual private server) refers to an isolated server environment where each customer gets a certain amount of system resources with the flexibility to scale up or down without difficulty as their project expands. It has many hidden features and is a multi-layered service.

When shared hosting grows insufficient for your website, VPS hosting has been the logical next step. Instead of many users hogging the same server resources, you have a setup where only a few clients utilize the machine. Furthermore, the accounts are completely isolated from each other, so no one else can meddle with your performance or security.

Which is the best VPS hosting provider of 2020

It permits you to separate a single physical machine into multiple virtual instances, each of which can function independently. In opposition to shared services, users are given significantly more access because they act individually. Therefore, the potential for what you can accomplish with VPS web hosting is almost limitless if you have even a basic understanding of server administration.

There are many decisions to make when you start building a blog or niche website (one of our suggestions for a passive income source), and choosing a web hosting provider is easily one of the most important. Your web host is the company that ensures your site is always live and up to date with the design and files you have chosen. Some web hosting companies extend valuable services to their customers, from assistance with marketing to 24/7 customer support.

The best web hosting companies can be fully compared, which is why we’ve looked at all the top options today to create this ranking. If you don’t want to read this entire guide, you should know that Bluehost is our top choice among web hosting companies. Not only are their starter plans insanely affordable, but they offer additional functionality and tools that can make getting started a breeze.

The most important factors

Cost of Services:  For web owners just starting out, keeping ongoing costs under control is critical. We compared hosting providers to ensure that the ones in our ranking offer some affordable “starter” plans that won’t cost an arm and a leg. We also made sure that more expensive hosting plans for advanced websites were a lot of value.

Customer support: Because keeping a website alive and functional is critical, we looked for web hosting companies that offer 24/7 customer support.

Plan Variety: Because different types of websites require different features, we looked at hosting companies that offer a wide variety of plans to meet the unique needs of clients. This includes shared hosting plans, dedicated hosting plans, and certain high performance hosting solutions.

Reviews of Web Hosting Companies

You really need to do some digging to find out which web host offers the services you need at a monthly cost you can afford. The following reviews can help you choose among the best web hosting services that made our ranking.

Bluehost also offers special features for integrating and maintaining your WordPress site, and they offer 24/7 customer support that solves web problems. We like that you can call into Bluehost for customer support or chat with an expert on the web if you prefer. Also note that Bluehost plans come with dedicated email, and Bluehost makes it easy to transfer an existing domain or start hosting a new website. Bluehost even offers a migration concierge service that will help you move your site when you’re ready. 

One major disadvantage of Bluehost is that you can only host your website in the United States. Their initial hosting plans are also quite limited, so you may end up having to pay for a more expensive plan as your website grows.The biggest complaint we hear about HostGator is their lack of email support. You need to call in or chat to get help with your website, which can take a lot of time compared to sending out an email.

 SiteGround offers web hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and Cloud hosting, along with easy and fast website building tools and a smooth website migration process. Their hosting plans start at just $3.95 per month, but even then this starter plan is only good for single site hosting. That being said, both GrowBig and GoGeek plans have unlimited websites, so they’re a great option if you want to set up hosting for multiple domains you own.

How We Tried to seek Out the Best Hosting Company

There are many companies offering web hosting today, but these businesses are not created equal. To come up with the best web hosting providers for our ranking, we considered the following criteria:

Cost and Value

We believe that the cost of hosting services is critical, and that is especially true if you are a beginner blogger who wants to keep their investment to a minimum. Most of the web hosting companies on our list offer a beginner plan for less than $5 per month. That being said, there is a difference between cost and value. In addition to cost, we looked at web hosting providers that offer plenty of features and support in exchange for their monthly fees. You don’t have to pay a lot to get a lot of support out of the gate, and we believe the choices we’ve made in this ranking reflect that.

Customer support

We also looked at web hosting providers that offer 24/7 customer support via a support phone line, chat or email. We prioritised companies that offer support through all three channels, and especially companies that are known for quick and high-quality customer service responses.

Migration Support

Setting up a new website is a pain, but moving an existing site to a new host is a nightmare. For that reason, we looked for web hosting providers that offer exceptional free or paid migration support.

Hosting Options

Finally, we all know that there are many hosting options available today, from VPS hosting to cloud hosting and shared hosting. We looked at companies offering different options at different price points that could make financial sense for a wide range of business models.

Several considerations for choosing your hosting

Choosing a web hosting plan and provider can be overwhelming, but the decision you make could affect your website and its functionality for years to come. Whether you’re an eCommerce tech expert, a seasoned blogger or a newbie, these tips can help you choose a web hosting plan that will work for your needs.

Don’t be afraid to start small. If you’re just starting out, you shouldn’t spend too much time picking a web hosting plan. Bluehost is an easy default choice for most people since it’s easy to set up and extremely affordable month to month. Don’t be afraid to start with a basic web hosting plan that will help you launch your website, and remember that you can always upgrade to a plan with more storage or features later.

Remember that introductory pricing doesn’t last foreverThe majority of web hosts deliver their web hosting plans at a low initial cost, but it’s crucial to understand that all those rates don’t stay indefinitely. When comparing web hosting based on affordability, be sure to compare initial and long-term prices to determine how much you’ll pay after the first year.

One of the most popular e-commerce platforms. Used by thousands, including small businesses and large corporations. The Magento Open Source Edition (formerly Community Edition) is free and you can host it on your own VPS .You’ll get all you need in there, and more! You may expand the functionalities of your Ecommerce website with just one click due to the availability of hundreds of extensions. It also has a wide range of pre-designed themes that you can use on your website.

Word press is the most popular CMS today. WooCommerce is a popular WordPress plugin that turns your WordPress into a full-featured e-store. There are additional plugins for WooCommerce itself, which can help you expand your eCommerce store even more. In addition to the plugins, there are hundreds of WooCommerce themes to choose from, and a very active community ready to help you.

A free e-commerce system built on the Symfony framework. Have thousands of plugins and themes to choose from. There are already many useful features. A popular choice among larger enterprises and shops. It has been translated into 25+ languages.With Opencart, installing and getting started are simple. You can even build your own theme using the Starter Theme, although you can still use a pre-built theme and it will work just as well.

The best dedicated server providers and hosting plans

Which is the best VPS hosting provider of 2020

Now that you are more knowledgeable about dedicated hosting, it is time to explore the top packages available right now.We keep this list constantly updated, so you can be sure that the information is accurate and up to date.

There are a few more cost-effective hosting plans worth considering if you’re looking for a great rate. While these options are ideal, they all fall short in certain areas, which is why I’ve grouped them into their own category.

Web hosting services provide at least one shared or dedicated hosting service to their customers. Usually used to host websites. Likewise a web hosting service can be used to have company email, files, games and other content. Web hosting services enable companies to subcontract at least a core web-based function to a hosting provider. This allows the company to focus resources on supporting its customers and developing its business. Let us see in detail what website hosting services actually do.

Web hosting is the traditional name given to a business, in fact hosting a website for associations or people . The truth is that people or businesses tend to complete it. Either way, that’s just the beginning: choosing a reliable, affordable, scalable web hosting provider is a daunting and overwhelming task, as there are countless options.

Many packages incorporate a plethora of elements that you might appreciate, including a mailing list, the ability to effectively make online stores, basic web building tools , and varying levels of help (via phone or live chat).Whether you’re looking to build a website for yourself, a website for your small business now or in the future, or a basic online store, or just want to save money by switching to a less expensive web hosting provider , we have you covered.


 Managed VPS Hosting provides the added advantage of easy-to-use hosting solutions for new website owners. Every single element needed to run your website is taken care of by the hosting provider, thereby making your experience of running your online business less tedious. As a result due to such hybrid nature of VPS hosting, its price isn’t quite as low as shared host costs, but it’s also not by any means as expensive as dedicated server fees. Depending on the arrangement, you might estimate investing $20 to $100 a month.

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