What Are The Best Free Web Hosts To Use In 2021

What Are The Best Free Web Hosts To Use In 2021


The most frequent issue faced by novices (particularly students) while constructing a website is budget. Yes, to run a website it requires a web hosting service that costs you a lot of money and it’s true that in the learning or testing process, no one wants to spend that money.

But how wonderful would it be if you could host your website for doing nothing, for free! Yes, there are various platforms where you can host your website for free as long as you demand, all you have to do is choose the right one for your website.

6 best free website hosting services 2022

Website hosting sometimes sounds too good to be true.it’s not cheap to run free web hosting, and you can be sure that companies that operate this way don’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts.

Free hosting providers try to use your site to generate revenue through push ads, or by offering you endless addons until you finally upgrade to a paid version. The quality of service is usually not too much of a concern for free hosting providers. In the worst case, this whole cover-up could just be a scam to steal your data.

That’s why I recommend choosing “practically free” services – paid hosting with a price so low that it will not burden even the most limited budget. you will be much more pleasant to use the service even if it costs only a few dollars a month.

my list includes some of the most profitable solutions, as well as the most reliable free options, if my words still did not convince you. Next, you will find out which hosting suits you best.

what we expect from the best free web hosting solutions

Finding free hosting is kind of like the wild west – there are many options, but many of them just want to fool you. I have personally tested the free hosting listed below so that you can enjoy a real hosting service with peace of mind.

enough storage space and bandwidth for a simple site. you need to know that you have enough storage space and that your site will not suffer from downtime due to insufficient bandwidth installing wordpress and other cms.

Basic website builders are good for some purposes, but your site may need more. The free web host you choose should offer easy installation of more advanced applications, such as word press.

easy to use control panels. look for a hosting solution that allows you to easily manage files and other aspects of your web hosting using a control panel such as cpanel.

wix is ​​one of the best website builders in our opinion, and for good reason. it provides over 900 website templates to choose from, all of which are fully customizable . you can quickly create a professional site with a simple mouse-controlled editor – no coding skills are required here.

In addition, together with the wix constructor, it also provides web hosting. wix has a forever free plan , but it has serious drawbacks. you won’t be able to connect your own domain name, your site will have mandatory ads, and your storage and traffic are severely limited.

when you switch to a paid wax plan, you will get much more interesting features . The affordable combo ad-free plan raises limits and provides a free domain name for a year. If you are serious about creating a website, then this is the best option.

free placement of elements on the site – other designers usually limit the creative mood by setting rules and a placement grid. however, win allows you to place text, images, and other elements anywhere, so you can create something unique.

the wix app store – wix app store has over 250 apps that allow you to quickly expand the functionality of your website. you can add an online storefront, marketing tools, and several kinds of social media widgets.

easy seo setup – the wix seo setup wizard helps you optimise your site for search engines. it creates a simple list of actions that will help your site appear higher in search engines.

wix artificial design intelligence (adi) – the free wix adi feature makes building a website even easier. After answering a few questions about the site you are creating, the features you need, and other features, wix will automatically create a working site in a few minutes.

In light of recent events, some of the top web hosts we recommend have stopped accepting new customers from Russia and belarus. If you’re looking for a reliable web host, we recommend that you look into sprinthost , a local provider with decent prices, a user-friendly platform, and unmatched user support.

sprinthost offers a free 15-day trial , so you can test all the features of the service in advance, even before switching to a paid plan.

Before we talk about free hosting, you should at least consider the incredibly cheap hosting plans . for only ₹ 159 per month, you can enjoy a full hosting experience with a user-friendly control panel, 24/7 online support chat and automatic weekly backups.

hostinger will also provide you with high performance . During tests, it processed web content faster than many other budget hosts and proved to be much more reliable than most competitors – in two months we did not notice almost any failures in the service. This speed and reliability is much higher than any free host, as well as most other budget hosts.

But of course, the hostinger isn’t perfect. support staff sometimes answer simple questions for about an hour. but this disadvantage can be considered insignificant, since most free hosts do not have any support at all.


optimized platform for word press – hostage uses the lightspeed ​​web server, which gives you a pretty good speed boost. it works particularly well for word press sites, and it works with the lightspeed ​​caching plugin, which optimizes content for maximum performance.

good security – hosting companies take your security seriously, in opposition to many free providers. you’ll be protected from dodos and other attacks with a firewall and anti-malware solutions like biennia and imunify360.

What Are The Best Free Web Hosts To Use In 2021

great premium plans – hosting premium shared hosting plan costs only a few dollars more and includes a free domain name for a year and an advertising bonus. this offer is even better than the base rate.

extensive knowledge base – hostinger support can take a long time to respond, but it has a very detailed knowledge base with easy to follow guides and instructions. even complete beginners will be able to understand them without difficulty.

on this plan, you will also have unlimited websites, storage, databases, and traffic . all this will be under reliable protection thanks to daily automatic backup and creation of copies in several data centres, which guarantees the safety of your content.

Therefore, for such a small fee, you will be able to access all of these premium features, which is absolutely impossible with free hosting. What’s the catch? The fact is that the excellent price for 1&1 ions is valid only for the first year of hosting, and after renewal it will increase significantly. In the long run, this service will prove to be much more expensive than hosting.

The relatively high resource constraints of free hosting distinguish it out. unlimited speed and 10 gab storage is way more than what other free hosts offer.

Unlike many free hosting providers, free hosting does not provide a subdomain (eg freehosting.com/horserace). This has both advantages and disadvantages. your site will look more professional with your own domain name, but again, domain names cost money.

if you do not yet have a domain on another hosting, then you will have to pay to get started. and although a domain name is usually inexpensive, 1&1 ionos provides a free domain for a year at an inexpensive business plan. It’s usually cheaper to buy a premium plan than a standalone domain and get good hosting along with it.

If you’re looking for decent quality free shared web hosting, then googiehost is ready to offer you cloudlinux hosting that meets all common standards. of course, it should not be compared with hostinger and other paid services, but googiehost is quite capable of bypassing all free competitors.

googiehost uses subdomains like many other free hosts. however, if you have your own domain name, you can connect to it.

due to the ability to host only one free site, gooiest conducts checks and checks users for cheating the system, so it may take some time to verify a free account. if the system decides that you have multiple accounts, you will be banned from the platform – and you will lose your site.


What Are The Best Free Web Hosts To Use In 2021

litespeed ​​web servers – like hostinger, googiehost uses litespeed ​​web servers to improve efficiency. In this case, wordpress sites will be able to use the litespeed ​​cache speed booster plugin.

nvme ssd storage – googiehost provides 1gb nvme ssd storage that performs better than conventional ssd storage.

free ssl certificate – to secure your site, you will receive a free ssl certificate. your visitors’ data will be safe, and search engines will consider your site reliable, which will allow you to climb a little in the search results.

cloudflare cdn – on a free plan, you will also get access to the cloudflare content delivery network (cdn). with it, the site will load faster for visitors from other countries, while it provides a certain level of protection against ddos attacks.

awardspace allows you to launch up to four sites on one free account, but three of them can only be subdomains. this will allow you to place subcategories or affiliate sites of the main site.

you will also receive an automatic firewall that will protect your site from malicious attacks. This is a good offer, but the free plan of awardspace lacks an important security attribute – an ssl certificate is only available on paid plans.

with award space, you are limited to only three CMS options, which is a huge limitation. when compared to other free solutions on our list, it could be said that it could be better.

Free hosting can be used, but be aware of the limitations

Good free hosting services do exist, but for a small fee you can get a much better level of service . Free hosts are fine for personal projects or prototypes, but if you want to give your audience reliable access to your site, I recommend choosing a quality budget host.

If you really need a free solution, I recommend win . It is currently one of the best website builders on the market and thanks to its flexibility and user-friendliness, it will help you create something unique. The forever free plan has its limitations, but as you progress, you can easily upgrade to the paid version.

If you want the cheapest long term solution I recommend hosting . The minimum price is lower than most competitors even after a second year renewal, making hosting one of the most budget-friendly solutions on the market. but best of all, it delivers quality performance on par with more expensive competitors.

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