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Simply a web One of the biggest problems that people have when choosing a domain name is that they are worried about the price. While it used to be expensive to purchase domains, that is no longer the case.

Now you can get a domain name without spending a lot of money. This blog will look at how someone can create a domain name for free.

So, you have a business and you want to build your own website. When it comes to choosing a domain name, you’ll want to get yours before someone else does.

There are two ways to create your own domain for free but before you can use these methods you will need to make sure that you have your own hosting.

How do I change my DNS simply?

Changing your DNS can be a simple process. If you are currently using one of the major providers, such as GoDaddy, you can change to their “parking” page. Then switch to OpenDNS by entering for the primary DNS and for the secondary. Be sure to click the orange “Update Now” button. simply a web.

To change your DNS, you will first need to know what your current DNS address is.  You can find this information by opening the Control Panel and going to “Network Connections. Look for your Ethernet or Wireless connection, right-clicking it and selecting “Properties”.

Go to the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and look under “Default Gateways”. This is the information you will need in order to change your DNS.  To change it, open the Command Prompt. To do this, type “command prompt” in the Search box and press Enter.

This will bring you to the Command Prompt, which is a window where you will be able to type in commands.  In the prompt, type “ipconfig /all” and press Enter.  This will give you your DNS address.

 Change it to the one you wish to use. To change it, type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press Enter.  This will flush all DNS records, giving you the option to change them.

In the prompt, type “ipconfig /release” and press Enter. This will release the IP Address. In the prompt, type “ipconfig /renew” and press Enter. This will restart the cycle and you can now use your new DNS address.

simply a web

How can I make a Lifetime website for free?

Simply a web You can use the lifetime website builder tool that is available on the linked website. You can use the lifetime website builder tool that is available on the linked website. Well, there are many ways. One of the methods that I use and suggest to other people is this…

1. Visit Hostgator: – – If you want to make a lifetime website, I’d suggest getting a Bluehost account. 2. Sign up for an account using your name & email address. 3. Once you’re logged into your Bluehost account, goto the cPanel (Control Panel) 4. Once you’re in cPanel goto “Addon Domains.” 5. Once in addon domains, click “Upload.”

6. Click “Choose File” and select your HTML file. Be sure the file name is “” or “” 7. You must click “Upload Now.” 8. Once you’ve clicked “Upload Now” your lifetime website is online.

It will work on every browser including Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome. I have tried this with my websites and I have gotten great results. This method works on __% of the lifetime websites that I have created. -I hope you enjoy the answer.

Can I get free .com domain?

You can buy a premium .com domain from someone who has expired it. Or you can also get free .com domain if you are a student. A domain is how people tend to find your website and it is important that you have a good domain name in order to make your business name known to people.

A domain is like the name of your business and if you want people to know that name, then you should make sure that your business has a good domain name. You can usually register a domain name that you want for free if you are a student.

If you are going to school then you can get a .edu domain for free. This can help you get a .com domain for free as well. If you just graduated from school, you can still get half off of any domain.

This will help you save money. If you are not a student then you can buy a domain for about $12 a year. You should try buying a domain every year if it is expired so that you can keep your business name out


No, are you crazy? Let me tell you something. There are no free lunch in this world except for your mom’s dal chawal. There are no such thing as free domain.

There are many sites which claim to give you a free domain for signing up for their newsletter or creating a website and hosting it with them. But, you will have to pay for them one way or another.

In fact, you will pay more with such sites because of their hidden charges. You will be paying extra for their hosting, some useless features in the site builder and many more. The best way to own a domain is to buy it. You can search and compare the domain prices at

Can I use Gmail with my own domain for free?

Although you can not use your own domain name with free Gmail, you can use one free Gmail account with up to two free forwarding email addresses. Today, Gmail is not simply an email service anymore. It has evolved into a subscription-based online service.

It is not owned by Google but has been acquired by Google to be a part of the G Suite. As a G Suite user, you can choose whether or not you want to use Gmail.

You can use your own domain name email instead of Gmail, or you can use both of them. However, Gmail is not free. You must pay $5 a month as a subscription fee to use Google’s service.

Which is the best free domain?

Free domains are great if you’re tight on budget. The best one out there is which is owned by Tucows which also owns many other domain extensions.

There are a few things you should consider while choosing a domain like, will it be memorable? Is it memorable enough that people will find you? If you have a simple product or service, is the best place to go.

If you have a website which requires you to have a long and confusing domain name create a custom domain using a self-hosted WordPress powered website.

Think of your domain as a brand that will last forever. So, the best free domain will be simple, short and memorable. Say, your domain is “”. If I asked “Who are you?”, I’d like to see “Ira”. So, use your name in the domain.

However, if your name has a confusing spelling, add a “shortcut” like “ira-” or “iri-” to make it easier. There are services available to search for the availability of your desired domain and also to see the complete list of new domains.

There are also various domain service providers available like NameCheap .com. You can try using the all information to get the best free domain.

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How much does a domain name cost?

For a standard textbook dot-com, the price ranges from $10-$25, with the average price being about $15. Premium domains are priced anywhere from $1000 to $50,000, depending upon the popularity and availability of the domain name.

These are the most common prices though. Before you search for your domain name, you should decide on a domain extension, which is usually either .com, .net, or .org. You will then have to decide if you want it to be a primary domain or a secondary domain.

Domain names cost different prices depending on their extensions. The most popular extensions are .com, .net, .org, .biz and The most expensive domains are usually the ones that are most desired or the shortest domain names,

for example will cost around $8.5 million. Most domain names have a 1 year registration cost as well as renewal fees which are usually around $15 a year.

A domain name is an identification label that is assigned to a unique IP address. The identification label is a combination of letters and numbers. The process of assigning unique identification labels to every IP address is called domain name system (DNS).

The internet users use domain names to locate the website. The domain name system is a hierarchical structure in which each domain name has a specific name and all the domains are connected to each other forming a network.

What happens if I change name server?

One thing that you need to learn about domain names before you do anything else is that domain names are case sensitive . This means that if _you have a domain that is registered as and you wish to change the name servers to, it will NOT work.

You have to have the exact same name simply a web servers you originally registered your domain name with in order for it to function properly. Some domain registrars will mask this fact for you, so you may think you’re doing the right thing when in fact, you’re not.

This is one of the main reasons why you should always register a domain name through a registrar in order to avoid any of the mishaps that can happen when you change name servers.

You might face some downtime, when you change the name server. However, if you do it right, you can make the transition practically seamless. GoDaddy Support has some tutorials on how to change name servers in different registrars.

Just follow the steps and you should be fine. Changing name server takes between 24-48 hours, so during this time you’re at a risk of downtime. However, if you are changing your name server, you should also change your domain’s DNS settings.

This way you avoid downtime, since the domain will have the new name servers, with the old name servers pointing to old name servers. If you change name server, this means your domain will start pointing to a new name server.

This means that you will change the company that manages your domain. In this case, if you want to change the name server, we will advise you to first check if you have the right to do so.

You can contact your current provider and if the transfer is allowed they will give you the name server to use. If the transfer is not allowed, you will have to pay the penalty to change back to your old provider.

Before changing name server, you should check the terms and conditions carefully as some of them do not allow the domain to be transferred in the future.

simply a web

Where do I find my domain name server?

If you have an Internet service provider such as high speed cable service, DSL, or satellite service, the DNS servers for your domain name may be located with them. You can find out by calling the technical support number provided by your ISP.

If you have a private Internet address, your DNS server is probably located with your Internet service provider. If you have a public IP address, your DNS server is probably located with your ISP.

If you have a private IP address and a BIND server, your DNS server is probably located with your ISP or is your BIND server. You can find out by calling the technical support number provided by your ISP.

In order to access your domain’s information such as IP addresses, name servers and email, you first need to login to your account. This can be done by simply googling for “domain login”.

If you are not sure what your login information is, contact the company that administers your domain. If you have a website, the login information is probably the same as your email username and password.

You can find your domain name server on your domain’s control panel or hosting account. If you don’t know how to find it, contact your domain provider or web host. These are the people you bought you domain name from, and they will be able to help.


You simply a web have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a DNS server. The best way to pick one is to compare the features of the different DNS servers and decide which one has the features you’re most interested in. You can find more information about the different DNS servers on the site _.

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