How to link pages in wix


How to link pages in wix-Figure out which of your pages are most important. Choose to link the most important page to the homepage. I like to link my homepage (the one with the logo and top menu) to my services page. Why? Because services is the most important page. When someone lands on the home page, I want them to immediately know about the services I provide.

How to link pages page in Wix to to another page?

You can link between pages in Wix by clicking on the “Pages” link from the top-left navigation menu on your Wix page page. From that page, click on the “Add Page” button in the top section of the page. Meanwhile, when you have created the page, you can link other pages to it by following these steps:

Before you begin, you need to open your page summary in page edit mode. Looking at the page edit panel, you will notice a section for titles, meta description and meta keywords. You can use the left panel to select different page titles.

How to link pages in wix

How do I link text to another page in Wix?

It’s really easy to link text to another page in Wix as you can do it directly from the text box where you write your text. First write your text in the text box and then highlight the text you want to link. You will see a black cross right at the end of the text.

Select that cross and you will get a drop down menu. Choose “Link” in the drop down menu and you will get another drop down menu. Choose the page you want to link to and you are done.

It is possible to link text to another page in Wix by editing the “Page Title” field of your page. All you need to do is enter the name of the page you want your visitors to see when they click on the text.

How do I link to a specific part of a page in Wix?

To link to a specific part of a page in Wix, you have to first find out the id of the section where you wish to link to. You can do this by simply right clicking the section and selecting “Inspect”.

You can also find id’s of sections by right clicking the page and clicking “View Page Source“, then searching through the document.

If you have a page with text, images, and formatting that you would like to link to, it is as simple as copying and pasting a link from the browser.

How do I link a document in Wix?

Simply add a new link in the navigation bar under Pages, then click the dropdown <b>More</b> and select <b>Link</b>. Here you’ll be able to add an URL and choose whether the link should be inside the website or outside the website. Then click <b>Save</b> to keep it.

If you want to make the link open in a new browser window then select <b>Open in new window</b> option. To completely hide the link from the navigation bar, select <b>Hide this link</b> option.

To link an image or document of your choice, add the image first and then link it. From your page builder, click on the image that you want to link. Click on the settings icon and in the Settings pop up window click on the Advanced Settings link.

In the Link section, click on the URL field and paste the link you want to use. Note: If you want to link a document , paste the link in the URL field instead of copying the link to another application.

How do I create a dynamic page on Wix?

You will need to create a form by going to ‘add content’ and then ‘forms’. You can then add the fields you want to ask your users. You will also need to create a template with a ‘thank you’ message, a confirmation message and a download link.

How to link pages in wix

You will then need to create a page in your site and add the form. You can also add an email marketing plugin and collect the email address of your customers. That way you can market your products directly to your clientele.

In most cases, you can use a Wix app to create a dynamic page. For example, you can use a Form app to create a Contact Us page with a form that allows your website visitors to send you a message. Here’s how: First, create a Contact Us page in your website. This page can be set to be a static page or a dynamic page.

1. In the Pages panel of your Wix site, click on the Contact Us page, click the Page Settings button, and then click Edit. 2. Click choose Change page type. 3. In the Page Settings dialog, click the Contact Us page tab and then click Dynamic. The Contact Us page will be a dynamic page. To create a dynamic Contact Us page with a form, you will need to use a Wix app. To learn more, here’s the Wix Support site .

Can I add link button on Wix?

You can add a link button on your Wix website. The link button can be either in the footer or in the navigation menu. To add a link in the navigation menu, select the desired menu and click the ‘i’ icon on top of the navigation menu. Then, click the “Link button” option and follow the instructions.

Yes, you can do this. Simply go to your Wix dashboard and select pages and then just add a hyperlink to any page you like. You can add a link to any other website or your own website.

How do I add a link to my website?

When you are writing a question on Quora, you can put a link, paragraph or question mark inside square brackets [ ] . So, do the following. Find out where you want to add your link, for example, to the question text. Press Alt+S to open the editor.

Click on the question text above the editor, just after the word you want to add the link. Press Alt+Enter. A new link will be added to the question.

Here are the steps on how to add links to your Quora profile: 1. Click on your profile picture, select About and then the Edit button. 2. The edit profile page will open. Scroll down to the Links section and click on the Edit link to the right of the text box. 3. Type the URL you would like to link to. You can add title text, describe in a brief manner what is on the page, or even link to your social media profiles. 4. Click the green Save button.

What is an anchor page?

An anchor page is a page in your content that can be used to link directly to other pages in your content structure. It’s a page that has enough value on its own to link to it and not just be a search result. Google keeps track of these pages which are the most valuable and in some cases these are the only pages that can rank in some searches.

For example if you have a page that ranks number one for a search term and it has enough value on its own to link to and is not just a search result, then that page would be considered an anchor page. It’s a page that is popular enough to be linked to.

An anchor page is a page where your website is hosted. It links to all other pages on your website. This is a smart way to make your website easy to navigate. Good anchor pages have unique names, short and sweet. So it is easier for users to remember.

You can tell your users that they can always find you in your anchor page. For example, if your website name is, then CNN is the anchor page. If you have an anchor page then make sure that you upload your website in it.

What is an anchor menu?

It’s a navigation menu that doesn’t feel like a navigation menu. The navigation menu is one of the most important elements of a website.  If it is not done correctly, it can take away from the design and the user experience of the site.  An anchor menu is a navigation menu that has been de emphasized and hidden from view.

An anchor menu is a menu at the top of the page in your menu bar on the left side. It is referred to as an anchor because it acts as a link back to your home page, making it easy for people to navigate back to the homepage.

How do I link multiple documents in Wix?

You can link multiple documents in Wix by accessing the ‘Advanced Settings’ option within the file manager and then adding the files you need to link to the document section.

Once you’ve added the files, you can either choose to create a link on your site by clicking on the ‘Create a link’ button, or if you want to create a link within the ‘My Documents’ page, you can click on the ‘Create a link in ‘My Documents” button.

How do I add a PDF link to Wix?

You can directly upload your file on Wix or you can also use your own domain. If you want to use your own domain with Wix, you will have to upload your file on the server and share the download link with Wix. You can use the link in your Wix account.

You can find steps to add a PDF file to a Wix page here . Here is also a Wix forum thread discussing this issue. Hope this helps.

Where is the link icon in Wix?

Click on the ‘Text’ icon at the bottom of the page to edit the text. Then click anywhere on the page to add a link. Alternatively, you can just click on the link icon at the bottom of the screen.

To create a link in the header or footer, click on the header or footer, enter your text, and then click on the “Link” icon on the toolbar. This icon is highlighted in red in the 3rd picture.

What are dynamic pages in Wix?

Dynamic pages are Smart Page templates (read more here) that feature an interactive property. In order to define a dynamic page, open the page editor, click on the Smart Page icon in the bottom left corner, click on the Edit button, click on the Dynamic tab, select a Smart Page template in the interactive category and click Apply to this page.

Final thoughts

How to link pages in wix

Linking pages in Wix is a very straightforward affair. If you have used the software to build a site then you should be familiar with how Wix works.

A few things are unique to Wix, but Google is your friend. Wix will link pages on your website through its internal linking features, but you can also link to external sites.

This can be a great way to get your site indexed as Wix will automatically create its own anchor texts when linking to pages outside of its domain. The best way to link pages in Wix is to use the Site Manager. 

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