How To Install WordPress On Hostgator – 2018

How To Install WordPress On Hostgator – 2018 WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms around for a good reason. It is easy to install and features an attractive, user-friendly interface. At HostGator, you can install WordPress in several ways. In this article, we’ll cover how to do so through Softaculous.

How do I manually install WordPress on HostGator? This section at a glance:
Log into your Customer Portal.
Click ‘Create Website’
Click ‘Get Started’ on the page that opens.
HostGator will install WordPress for you.
You’ll see your new WordPress login credentials.
Copy your new login details.
Click ‘Go to WordPress’

How do I add WordPress to my HostGator site? Today i’m going to show you how to install wordpress with a single click inside of your hostgatorMore

Is HostGator compatible with WordPress? WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms around for a good reason. It is easy to install and features an attractive, user-friendly interface. At HostGator, you can install WordPress in several ways. In this article, we’ll cover how to do so through Softaculous.

How To Install WordPress On Hostgator – 2018 – Related Questions

How do I install WordPress on my second domain HostGator?

Select the add-on domain you would like to use for the WordPress installation. Leave the directoryMore

How do I manually install WordPress?

Step 1: Download WordPress. Download the WordPress package to your local computer from

Is WordPress free on HostGator?

3. WordPress is Free and Open Source. Another great thing about WordPress is that it’s entirely free. This can help to keep costs low as you’re building your first website.

How do I install WordPress on cPanel?

Here are the steps:
Head over to cPanel -> Home -> Software.
Select Softaculous Apps Installer.
From the menu on the left, type “WordPress in the search bar.
Select the WordPress icon that will show up.
From the menu that appears, click on “Install”.
Next, you have the option to choose a quick install or a custom one.

How do I access WordPress from HostGator?

Option 1: Via Customer Portal
Log in to your Customer Portal.
In the Dashboard, navigate to My Websites, then click Edit Site.
The WordPress Dashboard login page will be shown on the next page.
Enter your WordPress Admin username and password. .
You are now logged in to your WordPress Dashboard.

Which is better Bluehost or HostGator?

Bluehost is slightly better than HostGator when it comes to security. They both offer free SSL certificates, malware tools, and complimentary website backups, but HostGator’s are more limited. It’s another tie between Bluehost and HostGator when it comes to customer service and support.

What is 1 click WordPress install?

1-click WordPress installation is an automated process that eliminates the tedious manual steps of installing WordPress. Additionally, you can migrate your existing WordPress site from one location to another, quick, and easy. This is handy when you want to transfer your domain to another host, such as

Can I have more than one website in HostGator?

You can have more than one website on your HostGator shared hosting plan, if you keep a couple of things in mind. You get one cPanel for all your sites. That means you’ll be managing all your websites through one login. That’s all good if you own all the sites yourself.

How do I add another website to my HostGator account?

Section just input the name of the domain that you purchased. And then all you need to do is reallyMore

How do I add an existing domain to HostGator?

Option 2 – Customer Portal
Log in to your Customer Portal.
Select Hosting from the left-hand menu.
Locate your hosting plan and click Manage.
Click the Settings tab.
In the Settings section, you will find your server information, including your name servers. Take note of these two name servers.

What is the best way to install WordPress?

If you are looking for a summary on how to install WordPress manually, here it is:
Download the latest version of WordPress from
Unzip the file and upload it to the public_html (or similar) directory.
Create MySQL Database and User.
Configure the wp-config. php file.
Run the WordPress install.
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How do I setup a WordPress site?

How to Build a WordPress Website
Select a WordPress plan ( only).
Set up your domain name and hosting provider.
Install WordPress.
Choose your theme.
Add posts and pages to your website.
Customize your website.
Install plugins.
Optimize your website to increase page speed.

How do I set up WordPress?

How to install WordPress
Step 1: Download and Extract.
Step 2: Create the Database and a User. Using phpMyAdmin.
Step 3: Set up wp-config.php.
Step 4: Upload the files. In the Root Directory. In a Subdirectory.
Step 5: Run the Install Script. Setup configuration file. Finishing installation. .
Common Installation Problems.

Do I need a hosting site for WordPress?

People often get confused and wonder if they need web hosting for a WordPress site. That’s because there are two different types of WordPress – and In short, requires web hosting, while is a hosted solution.

What is difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting?

Web Hosting vs WordPress Hosting: The Short Answer

The term web hosting refers to all forms of web hosting available. It’s an umbrella term that applies to any type of website hosting plan you can find. WordPress hosting is a specific subset of web hosting plans that emphasize the WordPress platform.

What website builder does HostGator use?

HostGator’s website builder, Gator, is incredibly user-friendly. The builder comes with pre-designed templates and a drag-and-drop editor.

What directory should I install WordPress?

Most users want to install WordPress in their domain’s root directory, like In that case, you need to make sure that the ‘In Directory’ field is blank. Scroll down a little, and you will see the site settings section.

How do I add WordPress to my domain?

Log in to your Domains Dashboard.
There are two views in the Domains dashboard – the Card and List views. .
.Choose the domain where you wish to install your WordPress website. .
Click on DNS & Nameservers in the left-hand menu.
On the left pane, click on WordPress.
In the WordPress Page, click Get Started.

Do I need cPanel for WordPress?

Although it does make a wide range of management tasks easier, the answer is no – you don’t have to have cPanel for WordPress to function properly. There are alternative web hosting account management interfaces some providers use instead. However, cPanel includes many features that are handy for WordPress users.

How do I edit my WordPress site on Hostgator?

However, if you’re determined, here’s how you do it:
Login to your WordPress account using your login credentials.
Go to the “Appearance” tab and click on “Editor”
WordPress will default to the current active theme in your account.
Look to the right column of the editor and click on the file you want to edit.

1) Login to the cPanel account. 2) Navigate to the “Softaculous Apps Installer” menu and you will see a list of scripts available for us to install. Click on the “WordPress” option to navigate to the WordPress installation section. 3) This action will redirect you to the WordPress installation page.

Why is HostGator so slow?

If your website is slow on HostGator, you can speed it up by upgrading to PHP 7.3, using Cloudflare, configuring a cache plugin, and optimizing your images, database, and plugins. But HostGator’s shared hosting is infamously slow and there are many complaints about their slow servers.

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