How to hide pages on wix

How to hide pages on wix


How to hide pages on wix-In wix you can’t hide pages because some way of showing them again. There is a common rule: If you want to hide pages on your website, then don’t use wix. Nowadays you can use some online service like SEO tool UK (this is actually a little bit of advertisement, but I’m using them for some time and I really liked it) to hide pages on your site. It’s a lot better method than simple wix.

How to hide pages on wix

How to hide pages on Wix?

You cannot create links that open the same Wix page with a different url. You therefore cannot hide the home page using the internal linking feature. The two options that worked for us:

1. Hide the homepage and then have a “click here” link somewhere on the other pages. 2. Create an external index.html page. Make sure you have replaced all the internal links to your homepage with index.html. Both of these work in the same way. As a sidenote:

The 2nd method is less user-friendly. But if you are working on a project that is still a work in progress, it may be the best option.

To hide pages on Wix, you can use the “hide” command. Hiding a page is a way to make it invisible on your site. It will not appear under the “Pages” section and it won’t be shown in the sitemap.

To hide a page, click on the edit button on the top right corner. Then click on the three dots that appear on the right side of your page’s title and select “hide”.

Can you make a hidden page on Wix?

YES! you can put a link to your new page on the main page, then create a hidden page.  You can make these pages on your website as you wish.  One of my clients made a small menu on the side of his homepage, instead of the usual menu. 

He made a “secret menu” to the right of the main menu, where the customers can click and see the pages he has created.  The best thing is that they will not be able to see him create these secret pages.  Another way to do this is making a menu that pulls down to see other pages. 

I did this after I got an extra submenu built into my website.  You have to have a submenu first.  I just found a way to make it work with a slide down to see the pages.  You can also create a picture of the page and link it to the page, or a flash file. 

I suggest that you do not keep the picture of the page on the main page.  I also do not suggest that you include flash files on your main page, because it is hard for the search engine to spider them.  I hope this helps and if you have any other questions, please ask.  

What does hiding a page do on Wix?

The purpose of the Wix SEO Tool is to help you optimise your site better than ever. The SEO Tool will direct you towards tools used by Wix SEO professionals. You will be able to optimise your site just by answering a few questions. 

You will be able to understand how you can: – Determine targeted keywords to rank your site in Google – Optimise your on-site SEO – Choose targeted keywords for backlinks – Determine if your site is mobile friendly.  In addition, you will be able to optimise your site with a few clicks.

Reveal the hidden page feature in Wix header, and enter the page you want to hide from the SEO Tool. It is that simple! The SEO Tool can help you optimise your site with a few clicks. If you have any questions or need additional help, feel free to contact us by email or phone. Cheers.

Hiding a page is a feature that can be done on the Wix website builder. This feature is unique to Wix, making it worth mentioning. Hiding a page can be done by selecting the page you want to hide, going to the “customise” button and clicking on the hide option.

Once your page is hidden, it will no longer show up on your website. It is a great feature to use when you have finished building your website, but you still want to keep the information on the page. 

How do I hide strips on Wix?

You can easily hide the Header, Primary navigation and footer sections on your Wix website by clicking on the Settings gear icon on your Dashboard and then selecting the Page Layout tab. Here you’ll be able to change the visibility of your Header and Footer sections.

To make changes to the Primary navigation section, hover over the Primary navigation block and click on the gear icon. You’ll also find the option to hide the header and footer sections in the Advanced settings section of the same page. Hope this helps.

The easiest way to get rid of Wix strips is to go into “editor” and look for the HTML section. Underneath the “HTML” there are two text fields. The top one is the “body” area, and the bottom one is the “body” “container”.

You will want to place the <!– IF body_container_background –> code before the <!– ENDIF –> code. This will hide the strips. Then you just paste the code on the body of your page. If you paste this code on the site home page only, the strips will still show on your other pages, so make sure you put it on all pages.

How do you make a hidden website?

How to hide pages on wix

You can create a hidden website on the Internet to share your private files and photos with your friends. The most popular way of creating a hidden website is using Tor browser. It allows you to hide your identity from the main internet, and sites you visit from your server.  Here are the steps to follow to create a hidden website:

The first step is to make a domain name, which you can get free through free domain hosting, or you can buy it. The next step is to make a simple website, or use a premade website. You can use wordpress or create a website using a program like 1-click dudle. The next thing you have to do, is to get a service that helps you conceal your identity, and then use .onion links on your website that redirects to your real website.

How do I unpublish something on Wix?

Sadly, Wix doesn’t give you an option to remove your site from their search results. They offer two links to their social media links, one linking you to their Wix Facebook page and the other to their Wix Twitter page. That’s it. If your site is having problems, I would recommend looking up your hosting service and asking them for assistance.

It is more likely that something went wrong on their end. If that’s not the case, Wix’s support team may be able to help you.

The only way to unpublish something on Wix is to delete it. Deleting it is not a guarantee it will not be seen again and you will lose all the unique features you created. If you want to remove something from your Wix website, you can delete it. If you want to remove something from search engines, you can do that too.

Click into the Wix app store and click on the name of the app you wish to unpublish. From here you need to click on the Unpublish button to the right of the app listing. Then you click Unpublish.

How do I delete a page on Wix?

Navigate to the page you wish to delete. Click on the edit button (the pencil with a + sign on it) in the top right-hand corner of the page. In the left-hand menu, click on the edit button (the pencil with a + sign on it) on the page you wish to delete.

On the following page, you will see an option to delete the page. Click on the ‘Delete Page’ option. This will ask you to confirm your decision, so decide whether to delete the page. If you are sure that you want to delete the page, click on the ‘Delete Page’ button. Once the page is deleted, your website visitors won’t be able to access the page.

You can delete a page by following these simple steps: Go to Pages under the Settings tab. Select the page you want to delete. Click on the trash can icon according to the position of the page in the navigation menu. Confirm by pressing the big red button.

What is a strip in Wix?

A strip is a section of information you can display over & over in your Wix website. It’s like a banner, but you only have to create it once. The strip saves you time by putting all the onus of updating it on Wix. You can re-use the same strip on all your pages, or even on different pages of your website.

A strip in Wix is a part of the website which is used to display the content of another part of the website. Usually, you have different pages in your website and you may want to display the content of another page in a different part of your website.

In this case you can use the strips of Wix. They are like small sidebars in your website. You can use them as a navigation menu or whatever you want. You can use them anywhere in your website.

Why is there white space on the side of my website Wix?

This is a new feature called the Wix Shuffle. The shuffle is a collection of dynamic sliders that allows you to focus your visitors’ attention on the most important parts of your website. It dynamically creates areas of focus in real-time.

It is a result of the change in the width of the browser window. When browser window is small, there will be white space which is present on the side of your website.

White space is important. It gives readers room to think and allows their eyes to rest. It helps them to focus on the most important parts of the message.

How do I adjust my Wix strip?

Wix website is a great way to build a website in minutes. But one of the common problems that people face is the wix strip. The wix strip can be adjusted by following the steps given below.

Step 1: Navigate to your website. Step 2: Click on the gear icon and select Wix strip . Step 3: Move your mouse over the wix strip and drag the top strip to left, middle or right according to your preference.

Hi there. You can adjust the width of the Wix strip on the side. Under the section called “Design”, click on “Layout”. You should see the following window. Click on “Widgets”, and you’ll see the following window.

Click on “Wix Strip”, and you should see this page. You can adjust the width of the Wix strip by clicking and dragging the round line on the right hand side. Have a good day.


You cannot hide pages on wix. The best you can do is hide certain pages on the navigation bar of your website. This means that the pages will not show up in search results, but they will still show up in your site navigation.

What you need to do is go to “Site Settings” from the left hand navigation. Then in the left hand navigation go to “Site”. Under this, you will see the option for “Site Pages”. Click on this, and you will see a list of all the pages that you have created.

To hide a page, simply click on the eye icon next to the name of the page. This will remove it from the navigation bar, but it will still appear as a page in your site. This is not true “hiding”, but it will still be helpful in preventing people from finding your page.

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