How to get a free domain name on wix

How to get a free domain name on wix

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How to get a free domain name on wix

How to get a free domain name on wix-Its very easy. First install the Wix app. Then go to the Template Market. There are many themes there, you can choose any you want. After you are done with your selection, there will be a button saying “Instal”.

Click on that. Now you have the template installed. Now login on wix again. You will see the template installed in your website. Now you can start editing the template.

How to get a free domain name on wix

How to get a free domain name on wix : Wix includes a free domain name. It also includes a free website builder.    You can also create websites using other devices, including desktop computers, mobile devices and tablets. The benefit of using devices other than your computer is that you will be able to access your website, even when you are not on your computer.  Using the website builder is free for the first year, then it is $1 a month, or $10 a year.

How to get a free domain name on wix : You can get a free domain name if you are willing to go with their Wix branded domain However, since it is a subdomain name, it is not as valuable and there will be ads on the website address.

But you can always change the domain to a custom domain, if that is something you need to do. If you going with the free Wix branded domain, the easiest way to change it to a custom domain name is to purchase a domain name and transfer it to Wix.

How do I get a free domain name?

There are few website hosting providers which offer Free Domain name with their hosting plans, or you can just choose a free domain name from other providers. Choosing a free domain name is simple; in fact you can choose an attractive domain name for your website for free if you are willing to host the website by yourself.

How to get a free domain name on wix : NameCheap is one such free domain name provider  which can be used to get a free domain name. You can also use free domain names from hosting providers like HostGator (hosting provider), Bluehost (hosting provider), SiteGround etc.

How to get a free domain name on wix : A domain is a name for a specific website, for example, I have a domain for my website, which is You can get a free domain name from the websites like or, which are the most famous ones nowadays.

If you want to start your website, try to get a free domain first, as there is no need to spend money on a domain if you are not sure if you are going to use it.

How do I claim my free domain from Wix?

How to get a free domain name on wix : First step is to sign up with an account at and choose a site design. The free domain is included with all plans. After you have chosen a design, you will see a box on the right where you can add a free domain. You just need to follow the instructions. That’s it! You can even change your free domain later.

It seems that you already did the job. However, I am adding some information in case someone has the same question in the future. You will claim your free domain when you are logged in to Wix account.

How to get a free domain name on wix : You will have to go to the top right corner at, where you will see an arrow, click on it and select “my account”. At the new page, select “Manage my domains” at the top right corner. Choose the domain you want to claim. At the right side you will see a button “Claim your domain”. Click on it and you are done.

What happens after 1 year of free domain Wix?

Wix has started offering free website hosting to all the customers. But at the same time, there is a catch. If you want to keep your website for a long term, you have to pay for your domain name. Domain name is a unique identifier for each website.

How to get a free domain name on wix : Wix offers a free domain name for just one year, after which you will have to buy one. So before you start using Wix as your website host, you should know that you need to invest some money every year for your domain.

How to get a free domain name on wix : Free domain Wix is great for people looking for an elegant, easy to use website builder. They offer a host of options to design a polished site without the hassle of coding. It is also nice that they offer plenty of templates, easy to use drag and drop interface, and the ability to easily share site designs to other users.

How much does Wix charge for a domain name?

Wix charges $10.99 a month for a domain name. The domain name is separate from the hosting service, so you will have to pay it separately. You have the option of paying $10.99 a month for one domain name, or $0.99 a month per domain name.

How to get a free domain name on wix : Wix offers three different pricing plans for a domain name. When you choose the basic plan, you get a free subdomain, but you have to pay a fee of $13.95 per year for a domain name. If you’d prefer to have a domain name but want to save money, you can choose the Plus plan.

How to get a free domain name on wix : This plan costs $24.95 per year, but you get a domain name with unlimited web hosting, email, and broadcasting. Other plans include Domain Privacy Protection, which charges $19.95 per year, and Domain Privacy Protection, which charges $29.95 per year.

Does Wix own my website?

Currently, Wix does not own your domain and hosting, but they say they’ll do it in the future. Even if they request you to pay more $$$ in the future, you can move the site to your web hosting provider without much hassle.

How to get a free domain name on wix : Wix is one of the biggest and most popular website creation platforms, which allows you to build a website without coding knowledge. However, Wix is not the host of your website. You don’t need any coding knowledge to use the Wix platform, but it is not an independent web hoster.

That’s why your domain name should be different from the one you use for your Wix site. You can use the same domain name for your Wix site as long as you have your own web hosting account and a different email address to your Wix account.

The only case when Wix is your web host is when you choose to go with the Wix Premium plan . In this case, you don’t need a separate hosting account, but your website will be hosted by the Wix servers.

How do I get a 100% free domain?

How to get a free domain name on wix : “Free” domains are actually not free. Somebody has to pay for it. As a rule of thumb, a domain is worth no less than 10x the yearly cost of registering it. So if the domain is worth $8/year, then it is worth $80.

Of course, domains can be worth much more if they have a very high traffic count. The best way to buy a free domain is to bid on it on a domain auction site like You can often find great domains on Sedo for less than $10.

In the United States, domain names are regulated by ICANN. Currently, anyone can register a domain in the “.com” extension and others that are not specifically reserved.

However, if you want to get a .org, .net or .info domain name, you need to register your domain with a domain name registrar. In India, you can register a 100% free domain with Hostinger. Check our review for more information.

Which is the best free domain?

How to get a free domain name on wix : It’s always good to invest in a premium domain to ensure your site has a better ROI. But if you are strapped for cash and need a domain name immediately, there are certain things to look for when choosing a free domain .

How to get a free domain name on wix : First, look for the domain’s age. A domain that has been registered for a long time is more trusted by Google and is more likely to get you higher rankings. It’s also best not to choose a domain that is a common keyword for your industry.

For example, if you are in the “infant sleep training” industry and you cannot afford to purchase the domain , make sure you choose a different name like or

This is because a domain like is going to have a lot of competition and have a lot of other webpages on the first page of Google search results.

Are Google domains free?

How to get a free domain name on wix : Google domains are not free. You will have to pay a certain amount for each domain. You cannot get Google domains for free. You will not be charged if you do not use the domain. With Google domains, you can create and manage an unlimited number of domains and you can also transfer the domains to another registrar. Google domains are not free, but they do offer more services than any other domain provider.

How to get a free domain name on wix : No, Google domains are not free. Google domain registration is only free till you get the registration done. The prices vary depending on the domain name. For instance, all the domains extension starts with .com, .net, and .org are free.

You can use the Google domains, they are easy to remember and recognize. However, it is better to buy domains from the place you have registered your website, so you can have full control over it.

Can I use a GoDaddy domain on Wix?

How to get a free domain name on wix : You can point your GoDaddy domain to Wix. However, your GoDaddy domain will not have any effect on your Wix site. You can also use Wix on GoDaddy, but that is not useful because you cannot create a new Wix site with GoDaddy, you can only build on the one you have with them. For additional space on that site, you have to pay GoDaddy.

Yes, you can use your GoDaddy domain on Wix. However, you will need to login to your GoDaddy account and change the nameservers to our nameservers. 

Do Wix sites expire?

How to get a free domain name on wix : Wix websites do not expire. As long as you want to keep your website and you keep paying your annual fee. Your website and data will remain there always. There are two cases when Wix websites can expire:

1) You do not keep paying your annual fee.

2) You choose to delete your website. If you do not want to keep your existing website, you can delete your website by going to “Website” from the top navigation of your Wix Dashboard and clicking the “Delete” button. This action will only delete your website, but it will not affect your account or the data. Just go to “Website” from the top navigation and click on “Add New” button to start from scratch.

How to get a free domain name on wix : Wix sites do not expire, you can keep sharing the link for as long as you want. Also, you can move your Wix site to your own web host which you can use forever. Moving a Wix site to your own web host takes less than 15 minutes.

How often does Wix do 50% off?

How to get a free domain name on wix

How to get a free domain name on wix : The truth is that Wix does not run any sort of 50% off offer or promotion at all. What they do instead is that they offer free domain and free hosting for a year. This is a marketing strategy that is being used to get customers to try their platform.

The upside of this offer is that the free hosting takes care of all your website hosting needs. What you need to do is to find a good host if you want to upgrade your website. The drawback is that you have to pay extra to buy the domain name.

Wrap up

How to get a free domain name on wix : Wix makes it easy to create webpages and webstores. Nevertheless, many people do not have the necessary creative talent or design skills to produce something really outstanding. If you’re one of them, you can also make use of one of the many premade templates that are available for purchase in Wix’s marketplace.

This is the way to make an effective, appealing website in a very short timespan. No special tools or expertise are required for the procedure, so you can do it safely without damaging the template or your website.

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