How Old Is Hostgator

How Old Is Hostgator History. HostGator was founded in October 2002 by Brent Oxley, who was then a student at Florida Atlantic University. In 2006, the company moved from the original office in Boca Raton, Florida to a new 20,000 square foot building in Houston, Texas.

How long has HostGator been around? 2002
About HostGator

HostGator was founded in 2002 and grew quickly to become one of the biggest hosting companies in the world. You can credit the monstrous growth to their great shared hosting plans, reliable web hosting, and quality customer service.

Does HostGator still exist? Web Hosting – 2022’s Best Website Hosting. HostGator.

Is HostGator A good hosting? HostGator is an excellent web hosting service that offers an array of powerful tools, including a terrific website builder, for bloggers and small businesses.

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Is HostGator an Indian company?

No, is still located in the United States, and so are servers and tech support staff. HostGator India is organized as a separate company and uses Indian & Asian servers and Indian tech support staff.

Why is HostGator so slow?

If your website is slow on HostGator, you can speed it up by upgrading to PHP 7.3, using Cloudflare, configuring a cache plugin, and optimizing your images, database, and plugins. But HostGator’s shared hosting is infamously slow and there are many complaints about their slow servers.

Who is HostGator owned by?

Endurance International Group
Type Subsidiary
Revenue $100 million (2012)
Number of employees 1000 (2012)
Parent Endurance International Group (2012–present)
6 more rows

Which is better Bluehost or HostGator?

Bluehost is slightly better than HostGator when it comes to security. They both offer free SSL certificates, malware tools, and complimentary website backups, but HostGator’s are more limited. It’s another tie between Bluehost and HostGator when it comes to customer service and support.

Is HostGator fast?

Page Load Speed

HostGator delivered an average page loading time of 234 ms over the last 6 months which also makes them one of the fastest hosts during the current testing period. Moreover, HostGator has consistently improved its page loading times. Not a very long time ago, it took more than a second to load our site.

How many servers does HostGator have?

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company was founded in 2002. Since then, HostGator has grown from a small hosting company with just three servers into a world leading and industry recognized hosting provider with more than 12,000 servers under management.

Which server hosting is best?

The Top 10 Best Web Hosting Providers
Hostinger – Best overall.
Bluehost – Best for new WordPress sites.
Dreamhost – Best Unbeatable Value On a Month-to-Month Hosting Plan.
Hostgator – Best for simple websites.
GreenGeeks – Best eco-friendly hosting.
SiteGround – Best WordPress Certified Host For Speed and Security.
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Who is the CEO of HostGator?

Adam Farrar
Adam Farrar serves as the CEO / President of

Where is HostGator located?

Houston, Texas currently uses more than one data center to house our servers. Most of our servers reside in Provo, Utah, and Houston, Texas, with some residing in other locations. You can optionally activate CloudFlare, which would route your content through an additional 23 data centers worldwide.

Does Google do web hosting?

Host static and dynamic websites in the cloud with Click to Deploy or customized solutions. Don’t have a domain name or website? Secure your domain name, get a business email address, build your website without code, and set up online ads.

Is Bluehost faster than HostGator?

While only HostGator has an uptime and network guarantee, both hosts historically have at least 99.9% uptime. Both web hosts are fast, but Bluehost is slightly quicker.

Is HostGator good for blogs?

HostGator is easy to use. I have created three blogs through HostGator with no problem whatsoever. HostGator makes it very easy to create a WordPress blog with just a few simple clicks. HostGator web hosting offers technical support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Can I use HostGator in the UK?

Extremely Good. HostGator is one of the top UK web hosting providers out there, best known for shared plans. With so many users on their basic packages, you would expect that the servers have a lot of people to deal with.

What is the fastest website host?

7 Best Fastest Web Hosting Services
Hostinger – global average 136 ms.
SiteGround – global average 136.9 ms.
Bluehost – global average 153 ms.
DreamHost – global average 118.4 ms.
GreenGeeks – global average 118.6 ms.
Kinsta – global average 179.5 ms.
ScalaHosting – global average 159 ms.

Which is better HostGator or Hostinger?

Both Hostinger and HostGator are pretty comparable in most departments. However, Hostinger delivers slightly better performance at much more affordable prices. This gives Hostinger a great practical advantage over HostGator. Hostinger is much more affordable, with prices starting as low as $2.59/month.

Which hosting is best for WordPress?

Best WordPress hosting services: IN DETAIL
SiteGround ( From: $2.99 / month. .
Bluehost ( .
WP Engine ( .
DreamHost ( .
Flywheel ( .
Kinsta ( .
InMotion Hosting ( .
A2 Hosting (

What server type is HostGator?

All HostGator shared webhosting, reseller, and VPS accounts run on CentOS Linux x86, which is identical to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. All HostGator Windows shared webhosting accounts run on Windows Server 2008 R2.

What kind of server is HostGator?

We run CentOS 6.8 Enterprise Linux x86 or Windows Server 2008 R2. The connection speed on our servers is 100 mbps (megabits per second). We also have instant weekly backups of your content. We have datacenters in the USA in Houston, Texas and in Provo, Utah.

Is HostGator website builder free?

The HostGator Website Builder can be used for free with all shared hosting plans and is very simple. The whole process can be done in just minutes, and there’s nothing to download or upload. Once you’ve set up your site, you can publish your changes directly to your website.

What does cPanel do?

cPanel is a popular control dashboard that helps you manage your web hosting server using a human-friendly web-based interface. It’s especially popular with shared hosts, where it’s the de facto solution provided by most affordable hosting providers.

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Is HostGator a corporation? LLC provides web hosting services. The Company offers dedicated server, domains, cloud, reseller, and virtual private serve hosting services.

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