How do i permanently buy a domain name

How do i permanently buy a domain name

How do i permanently buy a domain name
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How do i permanently buy a domain name, There are two ways to purchase a domain name.  One is by directly purchasing it through,,  The other way is by registering it through another domain name registrar, such as or Which way you choose depends on the price and transferability. I usually choose to purchase a name directly through Godaddy. But the price may be a bit high if you’re registering many names.

Can you buy a domain name forever?

Good question. The short answer is: Yes, you can buy a domain name forever. However, you cannot register a domain name indefinitely. The concept of domain name is similar to the concept of real estate. An individual can own a house as long as he continues to pay the mortgage each month. He might also refinance his loan to get a better interest rate. The same applies to domain names. However, instead of paying the mortgage to a lender, you pay to the domain name registrar.

This makes sense, as the domain name registrar is the one who maintains the database of registered domain names, and she needs to update it regularly. The domain name registrar bills you in the same way as a lender bills his borrowers — he maintains your account, you pay the bills, and the domain name will remain yours. This is the same for any domain name. While you can buy a domain name forever, you need to continue paying your dues each year or else your domain name will get deleted from the database.

Yes and no. If you purchase a domain name from a company like GoDaddy and pay the annual fee, you can continue to renew your domain name as long as you wish. This is known as domain name registration. You can buy a domain name forever, but you can’t purchase the domain name forever. Most domain name registrations are only good for one year.

If you fail to renew your domain name after one year, you will lose the domain name. To avoid this from happening to you, you can purchase domain name registrar protection, which will ensure that you will not lose a domain name due to a failure to pay. Always check this before purchasing a domain name.

Every domain name registrar has a cut off point after which they will take some money from your account to renew the domain name. Some domain name registrars have a renewal fee included in the regular rate and others out of the regular rate.

If you do not renew the domain name, the registrar will either return the domain name back to the public pool or will sell it to somebody else. You can buy a domain name which has expired for a very low price. It is recommended that you purchase domain names with a .com extension, because of the brand name recognition associated with .com domains.

How much does it cost to buy a domain name permanently?

If you purchase a domain and pay for the registration and renewal, you have to pay only once. In this case, the cost of a domain is only $0.99 if you purchase the item from GoDaddy. If, however, you have the name registered but not renewed, the cost of a domain name depends on the year. It is $12.99 if you renew your domain, $8.99 if you register but don’t renew, and $18.99 if you purchase and renew your domain.

Often, a domain name is purchased for the initial term of two years, followed by the annual renewal fee. A domain registrar typically offers two types of domain name registration. First is a 2 year domain registration and the second one is a domain registration that is renewed every year. Both of these domain registrations can be purchased at a domain registrar’s website.

The 2 year domain registration cost is 54% and the annual domain registration cost is 34%. To how much does it cost to buy a domain name permanently, you should visit the website of the domain registrar. You can find out the name of the domain registrar that you’d like to purchase the domain name permanently from. Additionally, the website will allow you to renew the domain name on an annual basis.

How do I buy a domain name officially?

You will have to contact the registry which manages the top level domain name you want to buy. Usually the registry is a not-for-profit institution like a university or a government entity. 

You could always contact the registrar, but the fast and easy way is to use They are an established company and are the official reseller of all the famous TLDs like .com, .net, .org, .info, etc. The only drawback is that they are more expensive than going directly to the registrar.

Does Godaddy own my domain name?

There has always been a confusion about whether the web hosting company owns your website or not. So, does Godaddy own your domain name? The short answer is – No.

Godaddy owns nothing, they only manage the DNS and ICANN agreements (which is a huge amount of work). Your domain name is your property. GoDaddy only holds the rights to your domain until you decide to do something with it. Godaddy does not own your domain name.

They are not the registrar for your domain name. Often times the registrar for a domain name is hidden, as it is really a private matter between the domain name registrant and the registrar. If a domain name registrar shows up in the whois, it is basically because of some technical issue that needs to be resolved. A domain name owner can at any time do whatever he wants with the domain.

It is his property, both the domain name and the content hosted under it. Godaddy can at no point take your domain name away from you, unless you are in breach of their agreement with the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Godaddy is not the owner of your domain name.

Godaddy does not own a customer’s domain name. When a company registers a domain name, it becomes the customer’s property. The company can go ahead and sell the customer’s domain to a third party entity. However, registering domains is not the main income earner for Godaddy. They rent domains and space to other companies.

Why do I have to pay for my domain name every year?

You don’t *have* to pay for your domain name every year. You can buy the domain and pay ($10-$15/year) to keep it each year. If you don’t want to keep it, that’s fine. But if you or someone else wants to use the domain in the future, they’ll need to pay to keep it.

When someone registers a domain name under the domain name registration, they are not really buying the domain name by itself. They are purchasing a license that allows them to use the domain name. This license may be transferred to another person (or company) at any time, but only if the second person pays to re-register the domain name.

When you bought your domain name, you paid a one-time fee to the domain registrar to set up and keep your domain name. However, every year you have to pay a small service fee to continue using your domain. The reason for this is that domain name is a property, just like a house or car, and you have to pay for it. If you do not pay for it, someone else will.

domain name and hosting are two different things. domain name is what you want to be remembered by in the internet. hosting is the place that your website is stored and shown to the public. most hosting work with domain names, so you will likely need to get a hosting account from the same company that you purchase your domain name from.

Does it matter where you buy your domain name?

Yes, it matters. It is very important to buy domain name from the right place. The domain name should be short, catchy and easy to remember. The domain name should be keyword rich as well.

This is a basic question about domain names and it is not easy to answer. Most of the people will say that the place does not matter and that you can buy a domain from anywhere. The truth is that domain names are not made equal.

There are companies that sell domain names which have a steady history of greatness and other companies that sell domains which are temporary and will be deleted after some time.  The best way to make sure that you get a good domain name is to buy it from a legitimate company. It may be expensive, but it is worth the investment. A temporary domain name is better than no domain at all.

Domain names are the most important part of your website. Your domain name should be specific to your niche and should also be easy to remember. These are not only your brand name but also your actual website address. Buying a domain name from a good provider will help you not only in the future but it will also help in spreading awareness. There are many places to buy domain names and you should do an extensive research before you choose one.

What is the highest price paid for a domain name?

The highest price paid for a domain name is $1,888,888.00, a Jamaican bank offered this amount for domain com in November 2009. Scot Cohen is the current owner of the domain.  He bought it in 1995 at an auction in Las Vegas. Interestingly, the previous owner Robert McCallum never made a penny out of domain com and it has gone on to earn millions of dollars.

The highest price paid for a domain name is $6.2m, which was paid by Internet Capital Group in March 2010 for domain com. The previous record was $5m paid for , in 2006.

How do i permanently buy a domain name

The highest known price for a domain name is $7,888,888.00 for domain. The domain name is owned by Escom LLC, a company that specializes in-related Internet businesses. Its value as an Internet brand name is estimated at $15 million and above. The domain name was bought from Stephen Michael Cohen, a Dallas attorney and the former owner of the domain.

How much are domain names worth?

Domain names are very valuable. According to a recent study there are over 680 million domain names in the world. It is safe to say that all of them are worth anything between $5 to $20. Considering the number of domains and the mass of different domain extensions such as .com, .net, and .org, as well as other extensions like .co, .biz, .info, .ws, etc.

it is very difficult to figure out the value of a domain name. For example, the value of a domain name in the .com extension may be higher than another with a similar extension. So, it basically comes down to how easy it is to propagate a particular word, name or phrase when using a particular domain name.

If the domain is a .com extension and the word is more like a brand name, it might be worth a couple of thousand dollars. If it is a .net or another domain extension then it might be worth a couple of hundred dollars. If you start thinking about other extensions and variations of that word, then it may be worth a few dollars.

Domain names are like real estate – they are worth much more than they were 10 years ago, and the price keeps going up.  According to  Trends in domain name value , the name domain com sold for $13 million in 2010. However, it’s worth even more than that. The owner who bought it for $13 million is flipping it. He is looking to sell it for as much as $30 million.

Final Thoughts

All of the information we will provide will be for the .com top-level domain, we can assume that you are buying a domain name for a website you want to put up on the Internet. Acquiring a domain name has become very easy in recent years, mostly because of the services like, who are now the preferred domain registrar by most people, who want to buy a domain name. Their platform is very user-friendly, and it has a lot of useful features like free WhoisGuard privacy protection.

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