Buy a domain for life

buy a domain for life


Buy a domain for life? This is a common practice for bloggers. On the other hand, some individuals prefer using one-time coupons or offering reminders. In this time, a good domain name can have a lifetime, but what happens when the site has been sold?

There are many benefits of buying a domain name for life. A good domain name is priceless. While your site is valuable, so is your domain name. A domain name can be an asset that will be an investment for you. It is important to protect the domain name and its value.

Can I buy a domain for 10 years?

It is possible to buy a domain for ten years. You can do this on the GoDaddy Domain Marketplace. Just put in your offer and hope that the current owner accepts. It is also possible to buy a domain for 10 years on Flippa. However, you need to make a specific bid.

Domain sellers don’t want to keep a domain for 10 years. They want to sell it ASAP. If you really want a domain for 10 years, you may have to pay a lot more than the asking price.

How much does it cost to buy a domain name permanently?

A permanent domain name costs $10 – $50 per year. Anything more than this, and you are probably getting scammed by that seller. The regular annual cost is $10 to $25 , but you should be able to negotiate with your seller to lower the price.

There may be custom fees that you have to pay as well, depending on the type of domain name you buy. Depending on who is selling the domain name, you may also have to pay for transfer fees.

What happens to a domain after 10 years?

Every domain has a registration period of 10 years. And at the end of this period, the domain is put up for auction by its registrar. The auction can be for a same time period as for which the domain was registered (for example, a domain registered for 10 years will go for auction for next 10 years only), or for a shorter period.

If a domain goes for auction for a period longer than that for which it was registered, it is known as an end of lease auction. If a domain is not renewed/registered before it is due for another auction, it will go into the public auction.

How can I get a free LifeTime domain name?

Getting a free website name starts with signing up for a free account at a domain name registrar. Some popular domain name registrar/ hosters of 2013 include BlueHost, Dream Host, HostGator and Ignite Site Builder. Once you’ve signed up for an account, you’ll be asked to choose a domain name. 50 % of the time the process will be free if the domain name you choose is available.

And if you have to pay for your domain name, the cost is usually $10-15/year. If you want to get started quickly, you can sign up with a reputable website builder like Weebly, Wix or WordPress.

The design of your website will depend on the website builder you choose, but about 80% of the websites on the internet are built using WordPress. If you want to build your own website from scratch, then using WordPress will be the most cost effective option.

buy a domain for life

Can I own a domain forever?

The short answer is yes, you can keep a domain forever. The length of time you can keep a domain name is basically set by its registration period. So if you buy a domain for two years, it will expire after two years. You can renew it following the renewal process and the domain will not be deleted from your account.

Later on you can also renew it with a longer expiration period if you wish. Will be deleted from your account when you don’t renew it. If you don’t renew it with your domain registrar, it will be deleted from your account when it is about to expire.

Is buying a domain a one time purchase?

Typically speaking, you buy a domain for one year at a time. After that year is up, you are in the process of renewing the domain, but you do not actually own the domain. You are basically just paying for another year of use.

This can be a bitter pill to swallow if you have been using the domain for some time successfully. Not only do you have to pay for the domain renewal, but you have to wait till after it is renewed, and then you have to buy it all over again.

Why do I have to pay for my domain name every year?

When you buy a domain, you only purchase the right to use the domain name for an agreed period of time. That period of time you purchase is called the registration period. Every year you have to renew the registration for your domain name for an additional fee.

If you do not renew your domain name, it will become available for someone else to use. Most registrars give you 30 days to renew your domain name. If you do not renew your domain before the period of time you purchased elapses, it will expire and you will be unable to use it.

What happens if I don’t renew my domain?

If you don’t renew your domain, your domain will expire within 300 days. If you registered your domain name privately, then you can extend its expiry date at anytime. But if you registered it publicly, then you need to extend your domain at 60-days prior to the expiry date.

If you fail to do so, the domain will be deleted and you will have to buy a new one. If you have any contact information on your domain’s WHOIS, then it will be disclosed to the public.

Though the domain name is just the address of the website on the internet, it becomes important once you start earning your livelihood on the internet.

How long does GoDaddy hold a domain after it expires?

buy a domain for life

GoDaddy renews your expired domain name until they are able to find a new owner. This policy is called ‘lock’. Once they have successfully transferred your domain name to another user, they unlock your domain name, allowing you to obtain it again. Accordingly, your domain name will remain locked for only 24 hours.

Does GoDaddy own my domain name?

No, GoDaddy does not own your domain name. The company is well-known for hosting, domains and other services but it does not actually own the rights to your domain name.  If you were to buy a domain name through GoDaddy, their domain registrar service would manage your domain and you would technically be the owner.

 It is possible for GoDaddy to lose registration if they do not pay the annual registration fees on time.  If they do not pay, your domain name registration can be transferred to another registrar.

Does GoDaddy offer free domain?

Yes, it does! GoDaddy offers all new accounts with a one year domain for free. See the link for more details: The key thing to remember is that if you want a longer term domain, you can transfer in a different domain from your prior registrar, but you won’t get a free domain for the extra year.

Does Wix own my domain?

No, Wix does not own your domain. Wix is a website builder and domain name registration with Wix is just one of its many features. You can still use your domain with Wix, Wix does not own your domain.

Wix retains ownership of your domains, so if you are looking to use a domain that you own, you will need to host your website on a different domain.

You will also need to make sure that your domain uses the same domain name servers (DNS) as Wix ( and, as this is what imbues the emails from your Wix site with the correct IP address.

Can you buy a domain name and not use it?

Yes, you can buy a domain name and not use it. If, for some reason, you don’t want to use a domain name, you can just transfer it to another company and then you can use it for free, or sell it for a lot of money

If you buy a domain name and not use it, someone else will buy it and use it. So if you don’t want to lose it, you have to use it.

Where is the cheapest place to buy a domain name?

You can find a lot of cheap domain names on the internet because a lot of people don’t have any idea or interest in buying or using it, whereas there are others who have been unsuccessful in their content marketing campaign and thus have no use for their domain names either. In this case it’s a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller. So, if you are looking for buying a domain name that’s cheap, always check out the expired domain names.

Are domains worth money?

Yes. Domains are worth money. Domain name is the Internet address of your website. People, businesses, and organizations that want to establish an online presence need a domain name for their website. Domain name can simply be a website address. Some easily available domains have already been registered in bulk and are being offered for resale. Selling domains is a very profitable business. In fact, there are a number of websites that offer to buy domains from their competitors and sell them at higher prices. So domains are worth money, if a domain can be considered more relevant and easy to remember in place of a competitor’s domain and can be resold for a profit.

Which domain name is most popular?

The most popular top level domain names (TLDs) are .com, .net, .org, .cc and .info. And among them, the most famous is .com.  It is the most popular TLD across the globe, and is used by over 80% of the global internet population.  It is also the easiest to remember. The other popular TLDs are .net, .org, .info and .biz.  And among them, .com is the most encountered.  It shows a growth of 14.56% and has a total of 526.6 million domain names, while the number of domain names using other TLDs have increased by 0.91% between 2011 and 2012.

Why is a domain name so expensive?

A domain name is a unique identifier for your business or product. It allows you to have a place on the Internet where you can post content that people can easily find, thereby increasing the traffic to your site.

Is Google domain better than GoDaddy?

Google has launched a new website for purchasing a domain. It is an interesting step taken by Google to take over the online world. By launching Google domains, Google is making it easy for internet users to get their domain. Google domains are easy to use, user friendly and easy to search. It has a smooth interface that makes the work of users easier. This is a beautiful strategy taken by Google to get more customers. Google domains are launching with limited features but with time they will be adding more features.

Why is domain renewal more expensive?

Renewal pricing is usually higher than purchasing prices because most domain registrars’ business model is based on such a model. There are many reasons for the higher prices, and here are a few: Dynamic IP address allocation schemes are much more complicated and expensive than static IP address allocation schemes.


We hope you enjoyed reading about how to buy a domain for life. We also hope that you are able to get your ideal domain name for your business, blog, or personal website. If you want to learn more about buying and selling domains then please contact us anytime. Thank you for reading, and good luck in finding your perfect domain name!

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