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Brewing beer is a popular hobby that has been enjoyed by many for centuries. In recent years, the craft beer industry has grown rapidly, with many enthusiasts taking up homebrewing as a way to create their own unique beers. One of the key tools for successful brewing is the use of brewing software, which can help brewers track their progress, create recipes, and even generate shopping lists. Brewers Friend is one of the most popular brewing software platforms available today, and this essay will explore the benefits of using Brewers Friend coupon codes.

What is Brewers Friend?

Brewers Friend is a brewing software platform that provides a range of tools and resources for homebrewers. The platform allows users to create and save recipes, track fermentation progress, and even calculate the alcohol content of their beers. Brewers Friend also offers a range of additional features, such as water chemistry calculations, mash and boil timers, and inventory management tools. With all these features, Brewers Friend has become a popular choice among homebrewers.

Why use Brewers Friend coupon codes?

Brewers Friend coupon codes offer users a range of benefits, including discounts on subscription plans and access to exclusive features. By using a coupon code, homebrewers can save money on their subscription fees and get access to more advanced features. Additionally, coupon codes can be used to try out new features or services at a reduced cost, making it easier for homebrewers to experiment with their brewing process without breaking the bank.

Types of Brewers Friend coupon codes:

There are several types of Brewers Friend coupon codes available to homebrewers. Some of the most common types include:

Discount codes:

Discount codes offer users a percentage or dollar amount off their subscription fees. For example, a 10% discount code could save users $6.99 off their annual subscription fee.

Free trials:

Free trials allow users to try out new features or services for a limited time at no cost. This is a great way for homebrewers to experiment with different brewing techniques and tools without committing to a subscription.


Bundles offer users a discount on multiple products or services when they are purchased together. For example, a bundle could include a subscription to Brewers Friend, a digital scale, and a set of brewing books at a discounted price.

How to use Brewers Friend coupon codes:

Using Brewers Friend coupon codes is easy. Users simply need to visit the Brewers Friend website and select the subscription plan or product they wish to purchase. During the checkout process, users can enter their coupon code in the designated field to receive their discount or free trial. Once the coupon code has been applied, users can complete their purchase and start using Brewers Friend’s range of features and tools.


In conclusion, Brewers Friend is a popular brewing software platform that offers a range of tools and resources for homebrewers. By using Brewers Friend coupon codes, users can save money on their subscription fees and access more advanced features and services. There are several types of coupon codes available, including discount codes, free trials, and bundles. Using coupon codes is easy and can help homebrewers experiment with new brewing techniques and tools without breaking the bank. With all these benefits, Brewers Friend coupon codes are a great way for homebrewers to enhance their brewing experience and take their skills to the next level.


1. What is the Brewers Friend coupon code?

The Brewers Friend coupon code is “”BF20″” for 20% off.”

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